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Daw Kyi Kyi

Daw Kyi Kyi studied at the famous the St. John's Convent High School, Yangon, Myanmar and passed Matriculation & GCE "O".  She worked as translator in Bangladesh Embassy, Yangon Myanmar since 1976.  She retired in 2003 from the embassy. However, being a work-a-holics, she re-joined Bangladesh Embassy in 2008, as Translator. 

She is volunteering Khan Academy Burmese Translation as she wanted to do something meaningful for the students in Myanmar and all over the world.  

She has translated funny but informative world history crash course by John Green.  Check them out.  

  1. Indus Valley civilization:  Youtube ID:    n7ndRwqJYDM
  2. International commerce, snorkeling camels, and the Indian Ocean Trade   Youtube ID:  a6XtBLDmPA0
  3. The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash Course World History  Youtube ID: vfe-eNq-Qyg