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Yu Thu Zin Htet

I am Yu Thu Zin Htet. You can call me Yu. I am a true citizen of Yangon. I was born in December 1995. My specializing major is EPP, it's English for Professional Purposes, National Management College. Now I am 19 and ready to attend third year. I'm currently working in the internship program of Khan Academy Burmese Translation Team.

I like Hip-Hop music, singing, listening to music, and also dancing and I play sports like basketball, badminton. I have a lot of nick names given by my friends. One of them is 'Ywa Sein', a hyperactive girl in English. I dreamed about to be a doctor when I was young but as older, I want to be a very smart business woman as well as a diplomat.

How I get touch with Khan Academy is that our teacher, Julia Di Kang (Sydney University), recommended us to join Khan Academy's two months internship program and I'm also interested in such education programs. I hope together with Khan Academy, I can create a lot of opportunities to support education of Myanmar students as well as the others.