Guide for our new volunteers

Localizing the Khan Academy Website

To allow better access to Khan Academy videos, we volunteers have been working to localize the Khan Academy website into Myanmar language.  Below is an example of how the landing page will look:

To get started, head towards the Khan Academy Translation Platform

To get access, you would need to create a Crowdin account and request for permission to join.  

Once you receive approval you will be able to start localizing!

Head towards the Early Math exercises to start translating the math problems:

Click on the "Group by Pattern" to make it easier to localize similar problems:

Make sure to translate only the text and not the string of the image (see above)

Please follow the translation guidelines below when subtitling the videos:

Localizing Kolibri

Localizing work is done using Crowdin:

                                                  Please localize the folders of the latest release