Subtitling Khan Academy Videos

Thank you for your interest in subtitling Khan Academy videos!  Before we get you started, we would like to give a quick run through on how to subtitle the videos.  Please follow the instructions below:

1. Watch the following Khan Academy video:

2. Type the subtitles into Burmese by replacing the English subtitles:

00:00:00,906 --> 00:00:07,407
Simplify the expression, 28b to the sixth divided by 7b.

00:00:07,407 --> 00:00:15,906
Well, this is the same thing--this is the same thing as 28 over 7 times b to the sixth over b.

00:00:15,906 --> 00:00:22,082
And I did it this way so that we have b--we have b to the sixth over b to some other power.

00:00:22,082 --> 00:00:25,379
And this is over b, which is the same thing as b to the first.

00:00:25,379 --> 00:00:28,333
So we could simplify this using exponent properties.

00:00:28,333 --> 00:00:33,321
And 28 over 7, we can just clearly simplify, 'cause 28's divisible by 7.

00:00:33,321 --> 00:00:39,497
28 divided by 7 is just 4, so that is just 4.

00:00:39,497 --> 00:00:45,999
And then b to the six divided by b to the one, that's just going to be b to the six minus one power.

00:00:45,999 --> 00:00:51,386
So times b to the six minus one, or b to the fifth.

00:00:51,386 --> 99:59:59,999
So our answer is 4b to the fifth.

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