How to Watch KA Videos

Voice Dubbed YouTube Videos

YouTube Links with Burmese Subtitles

To watch Khan Academy videos on YouTube with Burmese subtitles, press the "CC" button for captions and select "Myanmar (Burmese)" from the "settings" button.  To find videos with Burmese subtitles, scroll down the list below:

Khan Academy Videos in Burmese

Sneakernet Sharing

While all translations are available on Youtube for anyone to watch, 
the reality is that it is difficult for many to stream videos in Myanmar with the current internet connectivity.

To overcome this issue, we use sneakernet sharing, sharing via USB drives, Hard drives, DVDs, to share the translated videos.
To spread the videos across Myanmar, we need YOUR help!

To download the videos with hard burned Burmese subtitles, visit this link

To get a DVD copy of translated Khan Academy videos in Yangon, visit Phandeeyar at: 

628/636 Merchant Road, (10th Floor, Royal River View Condo) Between 29th and, 30th St, Yangon

KA Lite

KA Lite is a free offline server to watch 5000+ Khan Academy videos with your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  
All translated videos can be viewed through this platform  

KA Lite has been installed in various institutions in Myanmar including University of Yangon, Pride International School Myanmar, 
Yangon Technological University, University of Computer Science Mandalay, and many others!

To download KA Lite, an offline server for Khan Academy videos, follow the instructions on this link