New Translator Guide

NEW Translator Guide

This is once in a lifetime chance. Imagine that your translations will be used by millions of people. Leave your legacy. We assume that you know how to type either Zawgyi or Unicode.

Step 1) Go to

  • Go to translation platform

  • Click "Sign up for Free" button

Step 2) Create an Amara account

  • You could use your existing Google, Facebook or Twitter social media account to sign up

  • Or you can could create an account using your own username

Step 3) Check your email

  • Check your email inbox from Amara

  • Please check "Spam" folder in your email.

Step 4) Verify your email

  • Click the "confirm Email" link in that message

Step 5) Send your email address and Amara username to us

  • Send your email address and your username to

  • We will review your application and get you approved to join the official Khan Academy Translation Team

Step 6) Go to Amara Messages

  • Approval may take 1-3 days. Please visit

  • Click on the profile on the top right corner

  • Select "Messages"

Step 7) Accept invitation

Click "Accept this invitation and join the team"

Step 8) Please pick a video

Step 9) Click "Translate"

  • Click the "Translate" button

  • We recommend you read our translator guide below before you start your translation.

Step 10) Happy Translation!

You can start your translation. You have up to 14 days to complete.

Step 11) Save often

On the top right corner, please click "Save Draft" early and often to save your translation.

Step 12) "Sync/Review/Endorse"

Click "Yes, start synching" after you fill every empty box

Click "Start review"

Click "Endorse" if you are happy and finish with your translation. You did it! Thank you and time to celebrate.

The next step is "Review". We will find another volunteer who can do peer review.